Reading Eggs With P/1K

On Friday we showed P/1K how to log in and use Reading Eggs.  Was it hard to show them how to use the website or were they already pretty good?  Did you have a good time helping them?  Did you need to change the way you spoke to them so they could understand?  Remember when you type what it was like, dont use surnames.


Special Visit

Yesterday we had a special visit from Julie and Bridget. They live in a mining town called Newman, Western  Australia. Julie works as a health professional for 4 Aboriginal communities. It was a fantastic visit and we really enjoyed and appreciated them giving up their time. We also enjoyed the Aboriginal artifacts and pictures that they brought in.

Hello Grade 3/4 F

Welcome to our classroom for 2013.  We will use this class blog to share some of our work with the world. Remember when making comments to check your spelling.  Please don’t include any surnames when writing about yourself or others.

Mr Freer