Grade 3 Maldon Camp

On Tuesday and Wednesday the Grade 3s had their camp at Maldon. It was very wet for the two days but this didn’t stop them getting out and about and having a great time. Some of the kids have written about it.

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  1. Grade 3 camp
    First thing we did was left school and we went to Castlemaine to have recess. Then we went to the gold mine and we got a white hat then we got in 2 groups. We went in the gold mine and he showed us were they have lunch in the gold mine and there was 2 people one of them waves its hand and the changes are where there is no air in there so you cannot brave then we went out to see were the air comes in then we went to the bus then the drivers took us to the park to have lunch then we go back on the bus to go to camp and when we got there we got our stuff and then put it in our units and get ready to go outside to ride bikes around the track then we had our own time and the games was table tense and bike riding and minigolf or own time in your unit and in the unites are a kitchen and there was 8 beds in my unit a bathroom and when the music goes you go on the green mat and the person says something what we have for diner or lunch or breakfast and after diner we played a game in a room and we did a quiz and magic sticks and I am not telling how to know the word. We went on a train ride and it was really fun on it.

  2. Camp
    On the 11/11/2013 was the day before camp. I had to pack many things to go on camp. I had a really big bag it was white and it was full. That night I was so nervous I couldn’t get to sleep. But eventually I got to sleep. The next day when we had to go on camp, I wasn’t nervous at all. I was just really excited; I arrived at school by 8:15. You had to at least be at school by 8:30 am sharp, or else the bus will leave without you. A while later we got on the bus, I was wondering what cabin I was going to be in with what people. Other while later we arrived at castle main. That didn’t take that long. Then we arrived at the castle main playground. I have already been there in grade 2 but that didn’t made it old! I had fun on that play ground one of my favourite parts was on the hammock. A little later we had playlunch. Then we got back on the bus and arrived other friends at Maldon. That was exciting! When we got there we found out were our cabins were. Our cabin looked like there was a room when you walked in there was a shower then straight then another bathroom and on the other sides were some bunks. And there was another to on the other side, then there was up stairs 14 stairs. My room and my other friends room was the first room upstairs I was on the top bunk. Then you went a little further down then there was another 2 rooms. Then when we looked around in our cabin we played either outside exploring or inside. I played inside for a while but then I started playing outside. With some of my friends, then there was music. The music goes when you need to go do something. You line up outside on a long green mat. After that we went bike riding and no I didn’t have the smallest bike.. Surprisingly… there was traffic lights and signs everywhere. After a short while, me and one of my friends keep crossing the traffic thing so when the other people rode there bike it will turn red and the little green men turned green. Me and my other friend did that for a while. We also had lunch. After that we went back to play. A few hours after that we went to go have tea. In the dining room, there is no hates or hoddie aloud in there. Then we lined up all in one line and got our tea. Then we went and we sat at a table. Then after a while we all finished. We went back to our cabin. Then we brushed our teeth got into our pj. Then we got into bed, me and my friends talked for a while but then we fell asleep. The next day I was the last person awake in our room. When I got up I had lots of bed head! And I mean A LOT! So the first thing I did when I got up was find my hair brush and brush my hair. Then I SLOWLY climbed down from my bed to talk to the others. After that we quickly got changed then we went and had breakfast. I ate bacon, yummy bacon.. When we all finished we walked back to our cabins and then we packed our bags. Also including sleeping bags of course. We put them all on the green mat. Then a while later after we packed our bags we got another play. I don’t know when but we also went to the gold mine we walked there. When we walked there we listen to a little bit of history from the gold mines and the quartz and things. When we were finished that we all got a big hard white hat. It protects your head for any falling rocks. But then we got into the mine we split into to groups. We went pretty deep into the mine. We saw fool’s gold and other things. I thought the mine was interesting in the mine. We went back to the camp we went to the train station I don’t know when… That didn’t take a long while, then we had.. APPLES! That was while we were getting on a train. But I think camp was fantastic I would love to go there again.

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