Well we are into our 3rd day of our Canberra adventure. The trip up seemed to go pretty quick. We stopped in Glenrowan, famous for the Ned Kelly capture. For lunch we stopped in at Holbrook which has the submarine in the park and then our last stop was at Gundagai, famous for the dog on the Tucker Box. We arrived at the caravan park around 4pm
Yesterday we started the day with a drive up Mt Ainsle which gives you fantastic views of Canberra. Next we went to the National Gallery of Australia and then the High Court of Australia. We were lucky enough to see a case in action. We had a quick drive around the embassies and then off to lunch.

After lunch in the park we headed into town for a quick walk around and then we headed to the National Museum. We then returned to the camp for dinner. We ended the day with kick the can in the dark with glow sticks.

So what have you been up to?


4 thoughts on “Canberra

  1. My dress
    Today is Melbourne Cup. Everybody is wearing pretty dresses. I wear, too.
    I wear T – shirt and shorts. On my T –shirt I have two tigers, and my shorts are white. I have a belt. There are lots of black spots on it. And my headband has two pink flowers on it.
    Today will be a happy day.

  2. Yesterday was Melbourne cup day we had a yabby race a yabby lost is back legs and died and mr westcott said a joke what did the horse say to the neighbour hay neighter get it hee the and byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Yesterday it was Melbourne Cup day so we had to dress up and this is what I wore.

    I wore an aqua dress with black polka dots, with a big white rose on a headband and purple ballet flats it had a purple bow on it with studs on the bow.

    I like what I wore yesterday…… (BUT IT WAS A LITTLE BIT WEIRD)

  4. Today is Melbourne cup day. We had a parade at Golden square primary school. Mr Goode called out the grads and they come out to the front. After that we had a yabby race. Our classes Yabby came last. The outfit that I wore was shot, pink t-shirt and blue top with white dot. Melbourne cup day was fun.

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