Over the past 4 weeks the Middle and Senior Sections at GSPS have been going to Jets Gym in Golden Square to participate in their Gymnastics Program. It is a fantastic venue and is ran very well by the staff. Most of all the children learn some great skills and really enjoy the program. Read Below.


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  1. Jets Gymnastics!
    Yesterday was our last day at Jets Gymnastics! We went 4 times and the last session was my favourite. We got there by walking and we went there with 4 A. Our coaches were, Daniele, Ali, Eilish, Issac and Emay. We did the bars, beam, ropes, tramps and fitness! In the first lesson we just did jumping but it was good to learn the basics.
    The second lesson we did forward rolls (frog rolls)! But it was once again good to learn the basics so I can teach other people!
    The third lesson we did hand stands but we were not allowed to do them by ourselves I was happy because I got better at my handstand!
    The last lesson we worked on cartwheels I already knew and my cartwheels didn’t get any better!
    The trampoline we worked on angry cat splat and swivel hips. On bars we were allowed to do a flip on the bar backwards and I did it by myself!
    On the fitness equipment we did the ropes (one of my favourite parts) we also did skipping, sit ups, push ups, medicine balls and chin-ups.
    On the beam we walked backwards and sideways (first lesson) we also crawled and sidestepped (second lesson) we did the grape vine and jumped on the beam (third lesson) then we sidestepped over the foam and crawled through the hoop (last lesson).
    On the long tramp we did rocket jumps, bunny hops, star jumps and forward rolls off the end!
    At the start of each lesson we would do a quick warm up with shapes and stretches! I LOVE STRETCHING! The warm up didn’t go for very long! When the coaches were telling us the instructions I saw my baby sitter Tani! I was really excited because I had not seen her in ages! She was teaching the little kids. I also saw Tani’s picture and Asha’s picture (Asha is my cheer coaches little sister). At the end of the other grades gym session Emay did a front sault and a round off back tuck! At Mr Palmers gym I can do all those tricks! I was kind of upset we weren’t allowed to do any flips but I guess it’s for our safety! We got to play a game in the warm up called Natural Disasters and there were things we had to do! My favourite one was Alien Invasion.
    I liked gym!


  3. Jets Gymnastics
    Every Thursday for the past 4 weeks we have been doing Jets Gymnastics and this is the information.
    We walked from school to the gym and then we’d get started.
    The thing I liked most was doing well toe touch (because I’m a cheerleader). Ella and I did toe touches and it was cool because two of the coaches got it right that we were cheerleaders.
    I liked the trampolines and I liked doing swivel hips the last time I did swivel hips I got it right and then we had to move to the next activity. The best one I did was my last swivel hips it was so hard and that are why I liked it because it’s hard.
    The beams were cool and I wanted to fall but like I didn’t know how to. There was a beam were we had to climb through a hoop and Ella fell off before she even went in the hoop. I liked going through the hoop because I was good at it.
    I liked the bars and I nearly let go but I was just like for safety sake I won’t. One of the bars you had to go under, under over, over and that bar was slippery so I cheated. I all so did front support into forward roll and if you ask me that was easy.
    The best of all was the long trampoline even though it was spring less it was cool.
    It was cool.
    The last lesson was cool because Emay (one of the coaches, and I don’t know how to spell his name) did a back tuck and then round off back tuck then last front tuck.
    All middle unit and senior unit went.
    Second lesson I left my jacket and then Gabby brought it back and she wore it on the way back and I thought like hello that’s my jacket.
    The stretches were boring because like we did all the stretches at cheerleading (well most of them). Issac did the stretches with us.
    Fitness was with Mr Freer. I climbed up the ladder really high. I failed on the ropes. I only got up to the 1st knot. I did a hand stand but they didn’t let me do one by myself.
    Over all it was fun and the fun was all (I guess). I think the fun on getting there was talking.
    Oh and for the 1st 2 lessons a girl called Ali taught us.
    I had so much fun there.

  4. Jets Gymnastics
    On the first day of gym we walked to gym and when we got there we had a run. Also we got in a line then we went inside to take our shoes off and our socks off. Also we went in and sat down on the ground. Then the girl said to us to sit on the red mate. Soon we did a little game. Later we started the games and there was a trampoline and the best one was the beams and my partner was Ashley.
    On the bars you can flip over the middle bar.

    On the ropes Seth was the great at the ropes and he got to the blue line.

    When my group went down on the ground we did cart wheels and rolls down the mat. Also I did 5 roles on the red mat.

    I loved going on the bars because I learned some new things on the bares like go over a meddle bare.
    I didnt like going on the ropes because I burnt my hand.
    Jets Gym is in Golden Square and we walked there.
    The second day we walked again to jets Gym and we had a lap then we went inside and took our shoes off and our socks off to then sited down on the red mat we had a worm up game before we start the games and on the trampolines we did 3 jumps on it and argy cat splat. And we did cart wheels again on the ground.
    The 3 day we did the same some stuff different which I forgot and people went on the ladder and I went on the ladder to and I really liked it. It was fun. On the 4 day MA did 4 back flips on the trampoline. And we went through the hoop on the beam. And Mr Freer was helping us to get through the hoop.

  5. Gym
    For four Thursdays we went to Gets gym and the things we done were bars, ropes, trampolines, cart wheels, beams and fitness stuff. When got there we had to take off your shoes and socks but I do not know why. The people’s names where M.A Elisha Danielle and Issac and they were are gym teaches. We had some screeches and they were modern bike and rocket and star. We had partenes and I was partenes with Shania. My favour one was doing the ropes and it was fun the end.

  6. Jets gym
    Yesterday was our last day at jets gym it was so fun.
    We also had four weeks there.
    The session had bars, fitness area, beams, trampolines, rope climbing and cart wheels.

    And on the beams were climbing through the hoop and jumping over foam blocks walking backwards and turning around half way and climbing on the beams so that’s what we done on the beams.

    Then on the trampolines we did seat drops, seat drop half turns, angry cat drop and then you stand back up on your feet, star and tuck jumps and rockets and that’s what we done on the trampolines.

    And in the fitness area we done rope climbing and ladders, chin ups, medicine balls, sit ups, push ups, walking up the walls and skipping so that’s what we did for fitness area.

    And we also done the bars on the bars we done spinning over the bar, under under over over, monkey across with our partner and grab a bean bag and put it in the hoop and we also had to jump on this thing and jump on this bar thing and hold it for three seconds so that’s what we done on the bars.

    And with one of the teachers we did floor stuff we practice strength on our backs and practice our hands stands and we did front rolls and we also did tuck rolls and that are what we did on the floor.
    The teacher’s names were Danielle, eilish, issac and emay. So that’s what we done at jets gym.

  7. GYM

    For 4 weeks my class ¾ F and 4A has been going to Jets Gymnastics. Jets Gym is in Golden Square and the teachers are Emay, Eilish, Isaac and Danielle.

    In week 1 we were just learning our 9 shapes rocket, tuck, L sit, motor bike, angry cat, front support, back support, star and straddle. After we learnt those we went on to stretches. My arms really hurt while we were doing stretches. There were three groups on one side and three on the other and the side we were on had blue, yellow and white and the other side had red, purple and green .I started on blue the first activity I did was trampoline on the first trampoline we did rocket then sat on the trampoline. On the second trampoline we had to do sit down then stand up then turn around and start again. The next thing I had to do was angry cat splat. Then we had to do rocket jumps on an air mattress. Then I moved onto the floor activities with Diana. We practised our 9 shapes and did egg rolls. After the floor activities we moved onto the beams. There were two floor beams and two high beams. Then we moved to the other side of the gym. In fitness there were ropes, medicine balls, 2 mats and skipping. In red we were jumping on the trampoline, mini bars and jumping on boxes. In green we did monkey swings and rolling while holding onto a bar.

    In week 2 we learnt some new stuff like grape vining on the high beam and some other stuff. We did most of the same stuff and it was fun and it only felt like we were in each activity for 1 minute. After all the activities were over we got high fives off the teachers. The thing I liked most on this day was grape vining on the beam.

    In week 3 we learnt how to crawl on the beam and how to do swivel hips on the trampoline. We also learnt how to bunny hop. It was really hard to do swivel hips but in the end I got it.

    On week 4 we learnt 4 more shape they were tornado, landslide, earthquake and alien invasion. We played a gymnastics game. When she said a shape you had to do it.

    Jets Gymnastics was really fun and I can’t wait till the next time we go there.

  8. I being doing is horse riding for the 4 weeks I did trot, and walk , canted , played horse soccer, jumped the hurdles in the arena . I taught my horse silver voice commands I also did was shoeing the horse im and a expires rider I can teach people how to ride a horse properly , I can even put the bridal on silver my dad went on him when dad canted on him he fell off lucky he had a helmet on then after horse riding we went swimming at my nans place we had a race in the pool and dad won the race then we had a game called who can stay under water for 10 seconds and I won the game and dad went to buy some goggles for us and we had macas for lunch and then I got a quad bike and it goes faster than the car and the colour is red and white and I got lots of new stuff and my room is a toys room only for hope and I then we played tennis

  9. Gymnastics
    We had Gymnastics at Jets Gymnastics. The things that we did were cart wheel climbed on ropes’ bars’ trampolines’ and beans it was in Golden Square. To get to Gymnastics we had to walk down there. There was to Groups. When we were doing a cart wheel we had to land in a star shape. When we went on the bars we had to swing on them then land in a Modder bike. The People’s Names were Danielle Eilish M.a and Issac. And at Gymnastics the cat. When we were there we had to of our shoes and socks but then we get them back on after Gym. We had Gym My partier was Bwe say for Gym. My favour one was doing a cart wheel.

  10. On Thursday the seniors from Golden Square primary school started Gym at Jets Gym. The thing we did were Tremperlan, Beam, Bars, Ropes and cartwheels. It only happened 4 times every Thursday. The Teachers were Ilish, MA, Issak and Danielle. I did very good with the cartweele.

  11. Jet’s Gymnastics

    Every Thursday for the 4 past weeks we have been learning fitness stuff and beans and ropes and ladders.

    We walked from school to the gym it was fun and Seth and I were silly a little bit.

    The coaches names were Emay , Danielle, Issac, Isreca.

    It was fun we all had fun I think the ropes were the best I like the noted one the best it was cool.

    I like bunny hops the second and last but not lest is the ropes.

    My favourite part was when Mr Freer went up the wall and over the fence.

    Mr freer done it 3 times in a row it was awesome every one was laughing

    Then mr freer found starers and he walked down them it was awesome.the end.

    By Tyson

  12. Gymnastics
    When: 4 Thursday
    Who: All seniors
    What: Jets gymnastics
    How: Walking
    Why: To get exercise
    Where: In Golden Square
    We have been walking to the jets gym for the last 4 weeks and we have been going with 4A.
    Our warm ups were: Angry cat, L sit, Rocket, Star and I can’t remember the other.
    I will tell you some of the thing we did: Trampolines, Beams, Cartwheels, Ropes, Bars, Hand stands.
    Trampolines: On the trampoline we did angry cat splat and on the other trampoline I can’t remember what we did.
    Cartwheels: On the last day we learnt how to do cartwheels.
    I love jets gym

  13. Today is the 1 of November
    At the gymnastics we do jumping, jumping on the trampolines, bars, but I need to lean more stuff about gym.
    At gym there are these thing there ropes I like bars a lot
    And it is on ever Thursday’s and the people names are M.A Danielle, Eilsh and Isaac.
    They teach us how to do thing at gym there and at gym we also do I cumlid up on the rope about idk and we did pretty much a lot of stuff there.
    And you have a penner too and I have Brooke and me.
    I do well at it.
    So do my friends and at gym they put on song.
    I like song.

  14. Gym

    When: 4 Thursdays
    Who: all seniors
    What: Jets gymnastics
    Where: golden square
    How: walking
    Why: to have fun and exercise
    Activities: ropes, bars, beams, trampolines, cartwheels, handstands,

    At the start of every session we did warm up’s and shapes like star, rocket, angry cat, motorbike tornado, alien invasion and earth quake. There are also partner activities. My favourite activities were the ropes, trampolines and the bars. I fell off the beam a couple of times. My least favourite was the beams.

  15. GYM

    When: 4 Thursdays
    Who: All Seniors
    What: Jets Gymnastics
    Where: Old Golden Square Secondary
    Why: To have fun and exercise
    How: Walk
    On 4 Thursdays all the seniors to go to Jets Gymnastics at the Old Golden Square Secondary. We got there by walking. By the time we got there 3G and 3/4 K were about to finish. We have to sit next to the Beams (witch I’ll get to later)and next to the mirrors where the little shelf is with the radio on top.

    We started doing some Stretches so we don’t hurt a muscle. We did them with Ilish, Isacc, Emay, Danial and Elli. First was Tuck, Then we done motorbike (Our landing position), After that we done Rocket. Then we got to walk in no particular spot. After that we skipped around. Last but not least we hopped.

    Now we chose someone in our class, I Chose Jackson. Then Emay chose the 3 team leaders. Jackson and I were the Green team leaders, Witch were the bars. Purple was Fitness and red was Random stuff. We started on the second one where you have to stand on a box and then swing on a bar and land on a cross and land in the motorbike shape. Then we went to another bar but I forgot what you do on it. Then we went to Purple, Purple went to red and red went to Green.
    We went to fitness. There were skipping ropes, Normal ropes, a ladder, Medicine balls and some more bars. We also done sit ups and push ups. We started on the push ups, Then the sit ups, Then the bars, Then the ropes, after that was the Skipping ropes. And it went on and on and on. Then we went to the red witch was my favourite. It was random with a very long trampoline, 2 jumpy things and some hard blocks.

    Then we lined up on the other side where 4A were. We were in the yellow group which had beam, A lot of beams. I started on the first one which you had to had to walk across a beam.

  16. Gymnastics
    We had Gymnastics at Jets Gymnastics in Golden Square. When we went to Gymnastics we have to walk to Gymnastics. Our class and 4/A class we walk to Gymnastics together. When we got to Gymnastics we have a rest and then went inside. When we went in to Gymnastics the girl toilet are on the side and the toilet are on the other side. The girl went into the girl toilet to take of the shoes and socks. And the boy went to the boy toilet to talk of the shoes and socks. When we finish taking are shoes and socks we went in to the gym were we done Gymnastic. We saw the other grad done Gymnastics. When they done they Gymnastics we were going to do it but first they tell us they name it was Danielle, Eilish, M.a, Issac. Then we to joying then they get 4/A class to the other side and are grad to the side. Then they put us in a colour then they show use what to do then we are ready to do it. Then the whist below and we stop and look then we move to the next one was the trampolines it was rally high. Then one angina the whist below and we have to go on the next one. The one was bars is was a bit head because you think you going to full. Then next was we have to go to the boy. We go to the boy and they show us what we have to do. After the show us we are having a try to do it but some are head. The first thing I done is the ropes and then the whist below and I go on the next one was beams. Beams was the least one. I think the beam was good. Then the whist below and we come to sit on the flow then the side goodbye and she ask the girl to go first saw the girl go to the girl toilet and put on the scoke and shoes. Then we go outside. I think Gymnastic is great.

  17. Gymnastics
    Week 1 On the 10th of September we had our first Gymnastics lesson. we had our first session at jets gymnastics. We had to work it took around 20 minutes, the first time we started walking I thought it was going to be really long but when we got there it wasn’t that bad.
    When we got there we had to wait a little while then we could go into the building. They had different change rooms. The girls change room was on the left and the boys were on the right. When we got into the change rooms we had to take our socks and shoes off. Before we got into the gym part. There was another class when we got there, so we waited about five minutes more, then finally we could start.
    Then the first thing I did when we walked in was bounce because I remember last year. Also when I stepped my foot sunk so I also thought that was pretty cool.
    Then we sat down and listened we had these things that we learnt called our shapes. The most important one I thought was the motor bike that’s because we landed in that shape. The one we usually jumped in was rocket. With that one, you squeezed your arms behind your ears. What looked like a hand stand but around the wrong way. Another one that I thought was cool was angry cat, because I liked the big bump that appeared near your shoulders. Then you shifted into a shape were you put one leg out and then the other leg out. It kind of looked like a frozen push up. I forgot what that one was called. But lots of people were struggling to hold that shape including me. there was another one called front support that one was where you put both feet on the ground and then you push your body up with your arms and your fingers pointing to your toes. You had to look at your toes while you were also doing that shape that one kind of challenging. There was another to there was so many shapes but this shape is L sit. That one is similar to rocket, but you sat down still squeezing your arms behind your ears . and you had your legs out flat with them both together. With a straight back. Another shape was called cradle I think. That one where you had your legs and your arms out at the same time. I think that was all the shapes we did.
    Then we got started on doing gym there was two sides up and down. The side that was going down was using a lot of crash mats and lots of foam and things. I thought the crash mats were really soft. My group colour was white the first time we started. You had to choose a partner you were going to stay with for the whole time I chose Maggie.
    The first activity we started on was the low beam me and Maggie thought that was pretty easy it was connected to the floor. The next activity we did was go on a higher beam I thought that beam was awesome because it was higher. We just had to walk across both of them to build up our confidence. Of corse the landing shape was motor bike as I told you earlier. The next activity was the trampoline. I thought that activity was awesome! With that one I think you just had to jump five times on the first trampoline then the second one was I think five seat drops. Then we got onto this thing called the air track I think it was called that. It was bouncy you had to do five rocket jumps across that. Then there was another mini beam. You did them activity’s for about ten minutes each until the music stopped.
    Next we went to the next side. That was fitness and bars. And also a long trampoline the first thing we did was, get sorted into our new colour next. We watched and listen.
    Then we got started the first activity me and Maggie did was the high bar what you do with that is you get onto a high box and you climb to the middle of the bar and you swing times and you land on the crash mat. That was really fun, the next thing we did was there was his medal bar and you had to do a slow flip over the bar. The next thing was tricky you had to do chin ups on that bar. I couldn’t really do it. But one thing I achieved was you jump up and everything but your legs shouldn’t be over only the upper half of your body should. Then you did this thing were you bunny hoped onto a box with you hand then feet. Then you could jump off and land onto motor bike the landing shape. The you walked straight and you could go on the long trampoline. Then you keep repeating over the activity’s then when ten minute’s past and the music stopped, we all came and sat on the floor and we had a recap of all of our shapes . Then she said the boys or girls can go first it was the girls first so we walked in to the change rooms and got our shoes and socks on back again, then we waited outside for everyone to come then we could walk back to school. We arrived at the oval and lots of people raced to the other side of the oval. Then we just carried on walking and after 20 minutes we finally got to school we got to do gym for 4 thursdays. It got harder and harder each time it was really fun.

    For 4 weeks we have been going to gymnastics the seniors have been going it’s at jets gym to do gym stuff

    My favourite activity was the bars were you have climb up the bar and climb down I don’t climb down I just jumped of the bar because it’s quicker to do then climb down plus also funner to do

    My least favourite was the beams got to hate the beams I hate them so much I can’t get on them ): I also don’t like the last session where we had the trampolines because they were really hard to do but I liked the angry cat land that was pretty cool and then front support land

    The bars were good but not my favourite and I really hurt my chest on one of the bars because I was jumping on the jump thing and I smashed my chest on the bar and it really hurt so I just skipped to the next one because I couldn’t do it ): the next one you had to go on this block thing and you swing on the bar that one was really fun but it was hard to swing strait because you had to jump on so you would swing left, right, up and down the one was my favourite which is up above after that was the one where you turned around on the bar that kind of hurt then we did the over under chin up I can’t do that ether

    Next to the one with the long trampoline that group was the one I started on with a jump then bunny hop long trampoline then start all over again and you get plenty of go’s on that one so it was one of the best ones

    Then it was the ropes which I didn’t like I’m really bad at the ropes I can’t climb up the after that we did there was the jump thing which I sucked at it then sit ups the push ups then start all over again you got lots of go’s but I didn’t like it anyways

    Then it was the beams first you do the bear thing the another thing then the first

  19. Gymnastics

    On the 10th of October we had our first gymnastics class we had to walk to jets gym and it takes around 20 minutes, to get there and the thing I was looking forward to was the trampoline.
    When we got there we had to wait outside for a little bit and then we, had to go inside and then get our shoes and socks off and then we had to, wait in the gym at the wall until the other class had finished their class there and then we they had finished, and then we had to go on the red, stuff and then we had to do some warm up.
    Then when we had finished doing the warm ups we had to do this angry cat, rocket, star, l sit, cradle, front sport, and back sport there the ones that we had to do and then we had to go with our grade to the things we had to do and then we had watch what to do and then do then. The ones liked the most were the beams and the trampolines because they were fun to go on them.

    Then when we did all of them we had to go to another one and we had to watch what to do there and then we had to go where our colour was and then we had to do them and then we would go around until the music has stopped and then we would go on to another one and do that one and in the second one we did there where bars and we had to do some stuff on it and we got to do some flips on one of the bars and that and it was fun doing the flip and then we got on this one and then we had to go across each other and do that with the people you were partners and then we got to go on to the next one and then we would do something on that one and that was good and then we had to do this thing and we had to swing and we had to swing 3 times and then we had to let go and go in the motorbike for 3 seconds and then we would go on to another on but I waited for Dakota for her to finished doing her swing and then we would go on and then we would do the flips again and then ofter that we did the other thing again and then we would it all again until the music stopped and then we would go on to another one, and the other one was sport ones and you would do skipping, ropes, latter, climbing wall thing, medes ball, this jumping thing and I forgot what the other on one.

    Then we had to start doing that and then I was one the rope and I got up to the second one the first time and then I got down from that and then I went on the latter and then I got down off the latter and then I went to the skipping and did 10 skips and then I went to the other stuff and then i went on this other thing and then I did this this rope that had no nots in it and that was hard because I got up on it and then I went down and then I got up and then I went down so I got off that because I did not like going up it then and then we had to go back up on to the floor and then go and get our stuff on and then we had to walk back to school and then we would go and do stuff at school.

    Week 2
    At week 2 we had to walk to the gym and wait about 5 mines and then get in there and get our shoes off and then get socks off and then get in there and sit at the wall and then just watch and wait until they had down what they were doing and then we had to get our stuff in and go in there and then we had to do our stuff at that we had to do and then and then we had to go and do some more stuff and then we had to go.

  20. GYM

    my class ¾F and 4A have been doing gymnastics for 4 weeks we walked all the way there and all the way back but it was still fun when we got to the gym we had to wait outside for a little bit because when we got there the other class was in after one minute or two we went s side and took of our shoes and socks off and sat right against the wall to wait.

    Now for when we started every time when we started we did stretches which was really fun and also our shapes are star, rocket, motorbike, L sit, stratal, tuck sit, angry cat, front support and back support.

    The first time we went to gym we started on the side with the beam, trampolines and floor activities
    The last time we went we started on the bars, trampolines and fitness.

    After all I really liked it I really liked the ropes and walking there.

  21. Gymnastics
    We have been doing gym for the last 4 weeks and we have been going with 4A. My favourite thing was the trampolines because we got to do Angry cat splat. There was Rope’s and I climbed blue tape on the Rope with the knot’s in it. Issac did the stretches with us. I mist 1 gym lesson

  22. Jets gym!!!
    Yesterday we had our last gym lesion we did carte wheels, the beam, the tramps, stretches, the ropes, hand stands, frog roles and bares.
    Week 4

    Our coaches were ellish ma Daniele Isaac.

    Week 3
    We did nearly eggscel he same stuff as week 4 but no carte.

    Week 2
    We did nearly eggscel he same stuff as week 3 4 but no carte
    Weeles and hand stans.

    Week 1
    We did nearly eggscel he same stuff as week 2 3 4 but no carte
    Weeles and hand stans and frog roles.

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