September Holidays

I had a fantastic school holidays. I was fortunate enough to go to Singapore to watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix. It was a fantastic event and I had a great time. Then when I got home we went to the Sunshine Coast for a family holiday.

Below my students have written about their holidays

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  1. September Holiday.
    First I did on my holidays was I went to my cousins for a whole week. And me and Josh went out on the bikes in the paddock to go on jumps. And his dad got a car bonnet and he got some rope and tied it on the Quad bike and we took it out in the paddock and he took us for a ride. And my cousins Josh fell off the and he went head first then we went back to have an icy-poll and we watch TV. We watch cartoon network. Then I went home for one day. then I went to Ashley house for 2 or 3 sleeps over and we played iPod. After we went outside to play football after that we went inside to get a drink. then we played the Wii and we played Mario cart. Then we went to the pool and I went in the deep pool. then we went in the worm pool and in the worm pool we had a race. Then we went on the water slide and I went on my back. Then we played a swimming race In the deep pool. Then I went home and I got new shoe. Then I played football with Ashley ,Toby ,Caleb and me. Then I went inside to play the Xbox 360 and I played dirt show down. And then Ashley goes home then I play on the chameleon and I did a somersault. On it and I died land it. Then I played tigey and it was fun. Then I went inside to play me phone and I put music on. Then I went to the shops to buy school snack and grapes. then we went home to go on wooz world. My holidays was awesome and great.

  2. On my holiday I went to my cousin in Melton for a sleepover then we went to the zone after we went to the zoo then we had MacDonald .then we went horse riding then we went back home then we went to see the barrel racing then we went to have fish and chips for tea then we back home

    On the holidays my cousin came over for 4-5 days. We used a big box and made it into a house and I locked my cat in there, AKA Chloe.
    The next week my nephew came over and he was annoying as hell. He pulled all my Lego apart and I had to put it back together.
    Then the next day me and my sister moved rooms now I have a cooler room and I found my ds and 1 game, it was nentendogs.
    In minecraft I blew up a whole herd the creepy music and got beaten to my death. And the rest of the holidays I stayed home at home I watched jack the giant slayer and ice age 1-2-3 and 4, my favourite was ice age 4. The next day I went over to Logans house and we played minecraft. I made a rocket and he is making a mountain and we are going to build a mansion and we are going to live in. It is going to be awesome I can’t wait until it is done.

  4. My holiday I went to the zone with Adain and Bow bush walk then I was digging then I saw a frog I stepped on it and it exploded HEHE it cool then I found a wheel Barrow Adain pushed it down a hill it stopped and fall on top of me 5 days later a bee hive swarmed the bee keeper came and put them in a box then it was boring so we went home. We went for a

  5. September Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On the first day of the holiday I went to a footy grand final party. Late that night I went to my Nan and Pop’s house and saw my cousins. They were supposed to be asleep but Harry woke them up.

    In the morning I woke up and had breakfast with my cousins and then went into the garage to get ready for the garage sale. I sold all the stuff I wanted to sell except for one thing, my Barbie house. But I sold about half of what we started with. I got $50 out of it plus $20 for birthday money and $15 dollars for what I sold that was mine.

    The next day we went to Melville’s caves and set up camp. We went for a bush walk and found 2 rocks on top of each other. But together they looked like Elvis’s head and harry found a little water hole. We saw a path that took us to another look out. And next to the lookout was where Melville was hiding. My uncle Rick put up a hammock and we started making up time limits. That night when we went to bed our cousins in the other tent kept talking. Rick didn’t want Keely to have her iPod in bed but Keely kept playing so tommy was spying on her so she wouldn’t play on it but then Keely got all upset. It went on until 11.00 pm.

    In the morning we had bacon, eggs and toast. Then after breakfast we went on another bush walk. When we got back it was lunchtime. And for lunch we had my favourite food hotdogs. After that we made a swing out of wood and rope. It was really fun. Then we started playing some games with the other family and we had heaps of fun. At night we had dinner and it was baked potatoes on the fire. Then we had roasted marshmallows. Because this was our last night Harry and Tommy got heaps of dry leaves so we could make a huge fire. And the fire did turn out huge it was at least 2 meters high.

    In the morning we made pancakes. They were really yummy and we invited the other family over but they were having breakfast at the time. After breakfast we went to the other family’s tent and played snakes and ladders. When we were done playing we helped pack up the tents and left Melville’s caves and went all the way back to Nan and Pop’s house. We had 2 stops on the way. The first one was when we got meat for lunch and the second on was when we saw a dead bird on the road. After lunch Harry and I got our garage sale stuff and went home. When we got home I unpacked and cleaned my room because it was a mess. Then I played on the computer but I got bored and played in the sprinkler. When It was bedtime I couldn’t get to sleep so I watched a movie and asleep halfway through it.

    The next morning I woke up and made fried eggs and toast for everyone. My aunty came over with my cousins and we had heaps of fun on the trampoline. When they left Dad, Harry and I went shopping. I bought 2 beanie kids, a smurf car and an onesie. Dad thought I was silly to get a onesie but he didn’t stop me. Harry got a 3ds. Harry didn’t really like the ds because it was pink but I said it doesn’t matter what colour it is as long as it works. I kept playing with my smurf car when I got home and I let Dad and Harry have a go but I played with it most of all. When Mum got home she looked at me weirdly because I was wearing my onesie.

    We went back to Nan and Pop’s house for 4 days and looked after my baby cousin and she was being a brat. Every time I would do something she would say “no no no no no” but then I would say “yes yes yes yes yes”

    Once we left there, there was only 2 more days left of school holidays. Harry got his friend jye to come over but he had to leave during the night. Then the next day I called up Amber but she wasn’t home at the time and I saw my Uncle matt. We also went to the park and I took sophie on the big slide.

  6. September HolidaysFirst I went to the Eaglehawk Swimming pool before that we had fish and chip.
    After we went in the cold pool and after an hour we went in the warm pool.
    Then when we got home I played my iPad. The game I played was Block heads.
    6 days later Shaun came over and we played Minecraft and in one of my folder Toby and Shaun joined and I got out and I went back in and Toby and Shaun tried joining my game but I took it off joining so I could eat my cake and I had 3 cakes but I didn’t want to share. Then Shaun and I played Block heads. Then we played Tap zoo.
    Then we went to the skate park I did good tricks on the ramp.
    My holidays was Awesome and great.

  7. September Holiday
    On the Holidays I motived into my new house it is in Pentene Street it’s in which is in Golden Square.
    We went to the shop to buy Krystal’s Birthday presents and other things to and we got her some dolls and a toy pram.
    I went to Bunning’s and we got some things there but I don’t reamer what they were.
    In Panton Street it has a big back yard and a small lounge my room is the closest to the lounge I got a new lamp four our room it is a light and dark pink but it was striped.
    When I went to Bunning’s there was one snake that I saw they put the snake on the table the other animal that I saw was a bird but there was other animals there to.
    On the holidays I went to my Nannas for a little bit.

  8. My holidays
    On my holidays I went over to my cousins for a sleep over. After that I went to my nans for a sleep over with all of my cousins. I kicked the soccer ball on the roof about ten times. Then my other cousins came over to my house for a sleep over as well. Then caden came over to my house for a sleep over and the and first thing we did was play origins on call of duty black ops 2 and I got to use the ice staff for the first time and it was so over powered. After that we played gears of war 3 and then we played grand theft auto 5 and I kept stealing cars. Then we played skyrim and we kept on jumping off cliffs and watching him die and one of the times his head went through a sharp rock. Then we went outside and we hit about 12 golf balls each with a cricket bat. Then I went to e.b games and I got 20 dollars credit for my ipad. And we played on the trampoline. We played a game with sharp sticks on the motorbike track and we had to kill aliens.

  9. September holidays!!!
    The first day of the holidays I went trailback ridding at iron bark ridding centre my horse was woody which had the last time we went there.

    When I woke up the next morning we had breakfast after that we went to the cinemas and watched Smurf 2 it was really funny but when we got home I started to watch Pokémon and Simpson I mostly watched Pokémon.

    The next day I went to karate and we did our grading me and my sister mad passed our grading it was really fun and after that we did sword training we did strait cut and then we did left right cut and then we did all three cut joined but then we have to do 1 really hard one you have to bend hold your wooden sword and do strait cut at the same time It really hard.

    Then we went to dad house for the weekend the first day we went to our cousins’ house we slept there well dad was at his house in the morning we got ready to go to Ballarat then dad picked us up and then we drove to Ballarat and well we were in the car we saw an emu farm like thing when we got to Ballarat we went up a hill to get to kryall castle we went through this maze and I was like we came out that way when we went tough that way but it all cool now 

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