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Last night (Thursday 19th September) Golden Square PS had their senior concert. As a teacher it was a very proud moment to watch the children put all their hard work to show. They did a fantastic job. Well done team.

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  1. Last night I went to the senior concert at Victory Collage. I was really excited and nervous. I really liked the first act and the 6th act. I liked the acts because they were groovy and cool. We sat near the stage and watched the act and then the interval started and we went back stage and waited until the interval finished. We didn’t go on yet because there was one more act before us. Then it was our turn. I was really nervous because I could see everyone and I thought I would forget the dance but when we started I was fine. I didn’t make a mistake. We had a mash-up with 3 songs in it. We had skater boy, get the party started and yeah. When we finished I was a bit sad because all my nerves were out and I wanted to do it again but we couldn’t. We went into another little room and waited until we could go back into the auditorium and watch the rest of the acts. The teachers act was hilarious and funny because most of the teachers weren’t keeping up with the rest. Allan was the cop and hit some teachers with the baton .

    Last night we had our school concert we done a naughty’s magger mix the songs were get the party started by pink, yeah by usher and skater boy. I also went to the junior concert and my little sister did the ginger bread man and she was the grandma and she was so funny.

  3. Last night we had our concert and my Mum and Dad and Ricky and my Mums friend Kayleen came to the concert. Last night was my first concert every because last year on concert day I was on my holiday. The one I loved was the teaches it was funny and I wore a black skirt and a black t-shirt and it said I just love to dance. I love it the end. 

  4. The Senior Concert
    Last night I went to the Senior Concert. The night before that was the Junior Concert. The junior concert was good but the senior one was better. We were 7th from the start and 2nd from the break. First was Video killed the radio star by 4/5 W. Our songs were, Get the party started, Sk8er boi and yeah (that was in order). Before us was Grade 5/6 F with Light E’m Up.

  5. On wesday and Thursday I went to both concert and the first one I went to was juniors and my brother did sleeping beauty and they did in there concert was a kid chops the trees down and the trees lay on the ground. My sisters’ one was The three little pigs and the big bad wolf and in my sister one my sister was a little pig and Toby was a wolf and when the pigs go near the wolfs the pig get scared and on the seiners one my one was cool and awesome and it was grate and the teachers was a robing one. Mr Fiske let em up and there are throwing balls and shooting and there is different teams. I was a bit scared and it was fun

  6. GSPS School Concert
    On the 19th of September it was the GSPS Senior concert! It was really fun! 3/4 F were doing a Mega Mix.
    Our songs were:
    Get the party started by P!nk
    Sk8ter Boi by Avril Lavine
    Yeah! By Usher
    My favourite song my class did was Get the party started.
    I liked all the performances! Especially 3/4 K and 4 A!
    After we performed we went to a small room with couches and games! I literally JUMPED onto the couch!
    Then we went out of the room to watch the staff performance it was Jailhouse Rock! Mr Fiske pretended to be Elvis Presley, and Alan was the Policeman and he hit Mr Freer with the baton! :O The staff performance was the best of the night!!!
    That was my recount of the GSPS senior concert!!

  7. The concert
    Last night 3/4F did there concert. Be for our concert we did the corer and we had to sing a song there.We did get the party started then skater boy and then yeah they were the song we did I was in get the party started and skater boy and then at the end of yeah we all got on the stage, with all of the people who were doing yeah and then it was done and then we had to wait till the curtains shuted and then we had to go off the stage and go on to this little room, and there was games in there some of the class played on them. Then we had to go out of the room and watch the other rooms. Then we went out and we watch other ones that was there and they were good.

  8. Yesterday it was the school concert. At the start I was nerves but then I got excited I wasn’t embarrassed I really liked it. At the start I was in two songs get the party started and yeah. My favourite was yeah I saw my mum in the crowd she was waving to me. At the end we went and got K.F.C mum and I cooked my step dad’s tea and then I went to bed.

    Thursday 19th of September we had the school concert at the Victory Christian College theatre room. We did a mega mix these are the songs get the party started, sk8ier boi and yeah.

  10. Concerts.
    The day before the senior concert was the junior concert So first I went to the junior concert. Tyes act was the first one up, hes costume had green leaves on it it was covered in fake ones. Tyes act was first one up called sleeping beauty. Hes friend Caleb Shauns brother was the same character as him which was a tree. I think that one was well organized Because all of the little kids new what to do. At the right time Tye was nervous when he got on stage because it was hes first time getting on stage. He didn’t relize how many people there were watching him. The first thing he did when he got on stage was look direcly at us. He waved at us. Then the music started then when he was finished hes sleeping beauty song. He went around to the frount of the stange and went into this really fancy part with a deck of cards and things then when it was finished. He sat back in hes group and went and got changed and then he saw all of the other acts which took ages. But at the end of the concert the junior staff did lightning jack. All of the children that preformed in the concert they went and danced on stage. What I thought was funny

  11. School concert
    Last night I went to the school concert at victory collage it was the seniors’ concert. I was really excited when I got there and it was really fun. I really liked the 6th act it was really groovy and while they were on we waited back stage until It was our turn to go on our song where get the party started skater boy and yeah the senior staff was really cool and funny I really liked that one one of the teachers got hit with a baton that was really funny. Now getting back to our act I was in skater boy and get the party started I liked the skater boy one in our act.

  12. Last night we had our concert. I was a little bit scared there was lots of people there. After some of the kids did there concert song we had a little break then the rest of the people did there’s. We did ours after Mr Fiske there was a lot of people there it was very 3G did a space Mr Fiske class was doing light it up some of them were in Black clothes but not all of them the one I liked the most was Mr Fiske class I had lots of fun it was good. Mrs Salms was can’t touch that

  13. School Concert
    On Wednesday the 18th of September were the junior’s. I will tell you some of the acts: Sleeping beauty Shaun’s Brother Caleb as in it, The big bad wolf my Brother Toby was a wolf and Shaun’s Sister Natalie and I can’t remember the others. On Thursday the 19 of September

  14. School concert
    On Thursday the 19th it was our and the senior favourite act was our act because it had skater boy, yeah! And get the party started my second favourite was Mr Fiske’s grade by light em up.My third favourite was 3g.

  15. Golden Square Primary School Senior Concert
    Last night (19th of September) was the Senior Concert and the theme was songs through the past.
    The songs we did were: Get the Party Started, Sk8ter Boi & Yeah!
    In our dance we had to dance with a boy and I danced with Logan. Ella had to dance with my cousin Jackson and Ella is my BFFL and Logan is Jacksons BF (Best Friend).
    In the dance we could be in two but Logan and I got to be in all of them because we were a replace.
    Get the Party Started- whole class
    Sk8ter Boi- Group
    Yeah- Whole class at the end
    The teachers performance was sooooo funny it was Jail House Rock. Allan was a copper and Mr Fiske was like Elvis Presley or something, and the other teacher was prisoners.
    Miss Wall did Video Killed the Radio Star and they had awesome costumes but the song drives me………. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The End

  16. Last night it was the concert it was fun my mum was there we did pink, yeah, skater boy, and there were lots of people there to people took photo of us and rodeo us. So Alisha was there to with her mum to and them length and they also rodeo I and Alisha.”)
    I was scared a lot but I had fun and I take a little bit Mr Fiske did light them up in I like it so did my friends we were 7th up Alisha was 3th up they were good too I had lots of fun. 
    And my friends did too.

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