Scienceworks and Safety Awareness Day

Last week we have a very busy week with excursions to the Safety Awareness Day and then we went to Scienceworks in Melbourne. I was very proud of the way the kids in my class conducted themselves at these excursions.

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  1. On Thursday the 12th of September my class along with 3 other classes went to Science Works. It felt like ages until we got there.

    First we went into a little room and a woman told us what we were going to be doing. We had snack when she finished talking to us.

    Then we all went into another room which was full of science. Like there was touch screens which had games and stuff you could do. There was a big thing where there were two colours, red and blue, so you had to make it to the finish by going with the colours. There was also a huge Tetris cube you had to make but I failed at making it.

    After a long time we had lunch. Then we went into a sports science place and there was a running thing where you could try and beet Cathy Freeman and some kids did. There was also a bike riding thing were you could ride it and in the air it would make the skeleton move.

    A while later we went into the planetarium and there was a cartoon that told us about the seasons and a video on the stars. I learnt that the first star you see at night in Venus. After the planetarium we went to the carnival science place.

    There was a disappearing act and a nail bed and a thing that was used in the old days to kill people. I went in that 6 times because in was awesome.

    After that we got our bags and left Science Works. When we got back to school everyone left with their parents or parent.

  2. Sciencework Thursday 12th.
    First we got on the bus to Melbourne to go to Sciencework. The first thing we did was every Golden Square kid went in a room to talk what we are going to do. Then we went outside to eat some food. After that we went back inside to put our bags in a cupboard. Next we went to a room of games inside and one of the games was, you get the red light, a monkey game, a ball game, a touch screen game. Then we went to have lunch. After lunch we went in a room again and in that room was a racing activity, a dodging activity, snow board games. Then we went inside another room to watch a movie about space and in the movie was a robot and 2 kids. When we went out we went to a circus room and there was a nail bed and a Mirror maze and a duck pond.
    I had a fun day and it was awesome and exellent

  3. Scienceworks
    On Thursday 12th of September we went to scienceworks. It was really cool. We went to circus of science, it was EPIC. There was a mirror maze and a head chopper and a bed of nails. There were heaps of other people from the other schools. I saw the lightning room but we didn’t go in for some reason. I also saw the Westgate Bridge it was HUGE. My favourite thing is circus of science. We also went to the planetarium and watched a cartoon and looked at all the stars. By the time we left I was so tired but I had SO much fun.

  4. Scienceworks Thursday 12th
    On Thursday we went to Scienceworks we got there on a bus. There were lots of things to do. There was a sports works a circus works my favourite was the circus works because there was lots of funny things there like the mirror maze and the bed of nails before we went to the circus works we went to the planetarium there was this cool movie about the seasons and we looked at the star from this roof TV thing. In the circus works there was a disappearing act I went it once because a lot of people went on it so I went on the bed of nails 2 time it was really fun and there was, there was this thing that you had to ring the bell without getting detected I did like 10 times it was really fun and there was a thing that showed that you how they killed people in the olden days but I didn’t go on that because to many people went on it .I had a really fun day at Scienceworks

  5. On September of Thursday the 12th 3/4F, 3/G, 3/4K, and 4/A went to scienceworks. We have to come early to school because to get there in time on the bus. When we get to Melbourne scienceworks we got off the bus and get are bag and then line up in are class. Then the teachers got us and we followed the teacher in the room. Then a lady came to us and we followed her in a room. Then she told us all the things that weare not allow to do. Then we went out of the room and the teacher put are bag in a cupboard. When all the kids put there bag in the cupboard we followed our own teacher. We went to the maths room. After we had lunch we went to the sports part of scienceworks . I had a go at the reaction wall where I had to push a light. We also went to the planetarium where we watched a movie about seasons. Then we got to see what Melbourne looked like at night. The very last thing we did was going to the circus where I got on a nail bed, disappearing door and the guilatine. We then caught the bus back to Bendigo. I had a fun day and would like to go somewhere else as a school group.

  6. Scienceworks! Thursday 12th Sep
    On Thursday 12thSeptember we went to Melbourne to go to Scienceworks.
    On the way I sat next to Ella and we sang all the way there. When we were going under a bridge we would duck and when we were ON A BRIDGE we would hug each other.
    When we got to Scienceworks we had our play lunch and then we went to a very boring math place and I wanted to go to “Sports works”. When Ella asked Allan when we go to the next place Allan said “After lunch” and Ella was just like “Uhh that’s forever”.
    After lunch we went to “Sports works” and that was so fun. There was a game thingo where you have to vs someone and an Olympic runner and I vs a grade 6 for a different school and I bet them.
    Then we went to the planetarium and we watched a really funny video about turns and stuff. Next we watched the stars that was BORING!!
    After that we went to a Circus of Science and there was a bed of nails and they were REAL nails so I went on it twice and it did not hurt. Ella dared me to go on this thing were a fake blade cuts your head and I lined up but I didn’t go on it. Ella went up to half way, I was gonna trick her but nah.
    Then we went back home. I wanted to go to the gift shop but we didn’t have time.
    I loved Scienceworks I asked mum if I could go back and we might!!
    My favourite was the bed of nails. We went over the Bolte Bridge and under the West Gate Bridge it was scary.

  7. Safety Awareness Day 10th of September
    Yesterday we went to the safety awareness day at the Bendigo showgrounds the things that we saw were the 000 person called Sarah after that we saw one with the smoke which was the best with the CFA then we all asked to go on the smoke house again but the man only said once and I was disappointed so was Bailey then we had playlunch and I saw Jacob stringer who was in my brothers grade and then we played tiggy and the first one to get it was zandyr near the end of the playtime I got it and in about 5 mins playtime ended and we had the life saving Victoria person with the life jacket and it took me a while to get the life jacket on then I finally got it on and the game ended even though it ended graycen still had to go then the game fully ended then we went to the next person who was the police woman then lunch then a treasure

  8. Scienceworks Thursday the 12th of September
    On the way to Scienceworks we took a bus and I sat with Shaun. We went with: 4A, 34K and 3G to Melbourne. When we got in there we went to a room. After that we went to eat our playlunch. After playlunch we went to the Sports Works. We had to follow the road to the games. I was lining up then it was my go but we had to go. Then we went back to have lunch after lunch we went to the space video after the video. We went in the bus home and on the way home I sat with Bailey it was really fun.

  9. Scienceworks!
    On Thursday the 12th of September, Grade 3/4 F, 3 G, 4 A and 3/4 K went to Scienceworks in Melbourne. It was really fun! On the way I sat next to Alyssa and we sang the whole way! When we got there we had a quick snack and then we went to our first display, MATHS! (boring) it took forever to leave the Maths place. My favourite game in the maths place was the ball game where you had to guess which coloured ball will stay in the mini basket. Then we had Lunch, my strawberries were rotten! YUCK. So Alyssa let me have her apple. Then we went to Sports works, It was EPIC! There was a game where you had to run against someone and I raced a boy from another school and I WON! It was fun when I won.
    Then we went to the planetarium, It was fun watching the ‘Movie’ but it wasn’t so fun watching the stars. I almost fell asleep in the planetarium, not because it was boring but because the chairs were really comfy and you can lay down in them like recliner chairs.
    Then we went to the Carnival of Science and I laid down on a bed of nails! 😮 it just felt like it was pinching my back. I also disappeared through the magic door and almost got my head chopped off!

    I loved Science works! Hopefully I can go there again! 

  10. Thursday 12th of September 7: 40 am waiting outside the school for the bus to scienceworks. About an hour later where in Melbourne where scienceworks is. When we got this lady told us what we had to do .Then we went to have a quick snack because we have been on a long ride. After that we went to maths works in math works there was touch screen ball game spin the ball round the circle and the fall in to the whole game and that’s all I know then we went to get our bags when we got our bag we could have lunch after lunch we went to sport works at sport work there was Cathy freeman’s sprint and that’s all I know.

  11. Last week we went to Scienceworks. We saw The carnival, Sports works, The planetarium and the Science room. My favourite was The carnival. A Skeleton was riding a bike. In oun oeove the machine you got to race each other. In the carnival there was a nail bed, a Mas a run and riy the bel. And in the Planetarium a video was first and then we looked at the stars. At the end of the day we went home.

  12. On Thursday we went to Scienceworks we did lots of things there it was in Melbourne there was lots of games there was other classes there the one I liked was the mirror maze. It takes a long time to go down there we went on a bus it looks really big. We ate outside we where there for a long time when we got there a lady said some things then we had our play lunch when she finished talking. There are nails that you lay on if you want to go on it there is
    a big cupboard were you put your bag in there was a room that you do some running with two people there’s other things in there to do Brooke A kept bumping some of things in the mirror maze we played in a game room for play lunch we played in a game room three times at the end we watched a movie we lay back because it was on the roof.

  13. Science works

    On Thursday the 12 September we went to science works we saw the planetarium it was so cool we saw the stars and what the sky would look like in Melbourne that night. We had a journey to the moon. We also looked at a science circus they had a fake head chopper and a nail bed it was awesome. Then I had a go at the mirror maze it was hard but the way I got my way around was I smashed into the walls. Then I had a go at the demented bikes it was crazy!! I also had a go at a thing where you put your head in a bowl and it would look like your head was for tea LOL. On the way home it was fun and we and we went over the end of the Boulty Bridge and I sat next to Seth and we played a game of duck the bridge.

  14. Science works
    On Thursday the 12th of September we went to scienceworks.3/4F, 3G and 3/4K went there for the excursion. It took at least 2 hours and 15 minutes. There was a Sports works centre , a math works centre and a planetarium.
    First we went to the math works first. I went to a thing that looks like a pool table witch is all about angles. The first time I done an EPIC fail the other two were too. Then the 4th time I did it.  . Then I went to a weight lifting thing on a scale and there were 4 mystery ones and 6 normal ones. I couldn`t solve it all 12 times because I didn`t know the mystery ones but that was the whole thing to find a pattern in it. After that I went to the Triangular prism one it was cool because I had to make a shape out of the small ones and then copy it on the big ones, It was epic. Then we went to the Sports works centre. First I went to a running competition against a friend and Kathy Freeman. I bet both my friend and Kathy Freeman. Then I went to the thing were someone’s pedalling on the floor and there is a skeleton that is pedalling when you pedal. When you stop it stops. Then we went to the planetarium. It was a dome with a projector on the wall and there was a movie on it. After that we left.

  15. On Thursday we went to the science works in Melbourne it takes a long time to get there I fell asleep on the bus there.  So and there was the maze there and it was fun and then I played with balls and I won now that was fun. Then we left at 2:00pm. Then this bed with nails on I lad on it that was fun after that we had lunch”) and then we went back it was fun but after a little bit I got bored  and Brooke push me over that was not fun.  So then we had a sack I had some it was a chocolate it was good. So then I had a mint. There was games there I like them there loss of games there and I fell over again I lunght a lot. The bus was big and the sun was in my eyes in it took 2 and there was this running thing.  We played in a game room we had about 30mints now there was this bike thing. Then we went into the movies.

  16. On Thursday 12th of we went to science works on a bus and it takes 2 hours to get to Melbourne. Then when we got there we had to get out of the bus and then we had to go inside and to have lunch and we got like 3 or 5 mines to eat and we only got to eat like 3 or 4 things and then you had to go back in side and the first thing we did was maths works and you got to go around and go do stuff in there and do some stuff and there was a lot of stuff in maths works and in there was fun and stuff and yea. The next thing we did was sports works and there was all of sports stuff in the and I went on the climbing wall and I went up high on it and then I got off it. Then I went on this other thing I don’t know what the name is called in it but I like it, then in the sports works there was a running thing in but I did not go in there, it looked good but there was a really long line there so I did not go in there. Then ofter the running thing I went to this spanning thing oh and me and Dakota did it and then we did this other thing. Then we went in the planetarium and we had to swing the chairs back in the planetarium and that was awesome I sat next to Dakota and Bailey and in the planetarium we got to watch this thing about space and then we got to see the night sky and that was awesome and we seen I lot of stuff in there and it was good because I liked it in there. Then we had to go to have lunch there and we only had like 3 or 5 mines to eat all of our lunch. Then we had to go some where and yea and I went on the nail bed and it was AWESOME and on the nail bed I went on there like 3 or 4 times that’s how much I like it and then I went one the head thing that chops your had off and that was cool I liked in so much. Then I went in the mirer maze and that was fun as it was AWESOME as it was cool and then I went on the clown thing (I don’t like clowns) and It was fun but I still do not like clowns, and then I went in the I went in this spinning thing oh and it would go around and there was a other side and you would go out the other side and a other people would go in and then it would be magic and it was cool and then I went in this muonky thing u would press the button thing and then you would see a mounky in it and it was AWESOME. Then we had to go home and it take 2 hours to get back and on the way back it was very boring, and we got home at 4:00 o’clock but I liked it when we were there it was very fun there it was the best fun I have ever had there and it was my first time there and it was awesome
    I thing I liked the most was the nail bed. I would give it a 10/10 it was awesome there
    By Maggie

  17. Scienceworks
    On Thursday the 12th of September 3/4f, 3G ,3/4k and4/A went to scienceworks. My favourite bit was the Planetarium in the planetarium there was a big dome in the planetarium and we could lay doune in the sets. We take the bus to scienceworks and from scienceworks and I sat negsto Logan on the bus.

  18. Science works
    On Thursday the 12th we went to science works. In Melbourne we had to get at school before 8 o’clock you had to carry a bag with your lunch and drink bottle with snack, before you got on the bus you needed to put your bag in the luggage area. What was at the bottom of the bus Then you could get on the bus, to prepare for a long trip of 2 hour. ( two hours later ) we are in Melbourne arriving at science work there were other schools here it was busy full of different school and public people. At first we went in a little room and talked about where everything was. Then we went and had recess with all the other schools there were steps that we sat on, they were steep I sat up the top of all of the stairs so if I wanted to go to the bin I had to walk/jump down the stairs. The next place we went was I think maths works. Because it was all just maths I think I did all the activities in there my best thing in there was probley the bridge had to build it then you had to pull the leavers and u try and make the bridge stand. After a while we went to sports works that one was cool the first thing I went on was a snow board when I just got on the snow board it was a wobbly but when I stood on it propley I was fine I got through the whole course. I also when on the climbing wall. Then I went on the illusions I think they were cool. But they were just playing tricks with your eyes. Then after sports works we went to the the carnival part thing there was a bed of nails there was a fake head chopping thing where it blew cold air on you really fast and really really cold are there was this part where you could spin plastic plates on a little stick thing. There were little ribbons I didn’t really like them there was a hard thing u could hit people with the end thin. I went on there and I got all of the hula hoops and tried spinning and I worked! But at the start and finish and start it was a bit heavey to pick up the hula hoop because there were like 5. Or 6 I’m quiet not sure but there was around 5. I think the next thing we went to was the planettarium The screen was on the roof so you would lay back and watch the movie like a little 5 miniute thing it was like you were inside it. At parts I thought I was turning around. In my chair because of the movement that was going in the thereter thing in the movie. It held a certain amount of people it held a lot of people. There was so much people we had to get groups out of even so we could get out of the door for it to work I think when we got out of the door some people got hurt the end when we got out we got outside for fresh air then I think we got our bag and then I think we went and got on the another long trip. We got to school at 4.00 4’oclock other then 3.15 3 fifeteen. bus it was another 2 hours back I thought that took longer because I got boarder when we got out of the bus I was like finally.

    Science works was fun i wanna go there again.


  20. nceworks Thursday the 12th
    On Thursday the 12th 3G,34F,4A and 34K went to Scienceworks and it was really fun. My favourite was the carnival of science and in the carnival lf science my favourite activity was the bed of nails and my second favourite was the mirror maze. And I liked it where we had lunch and recess. I also loved the theatre where the roof was the the big Tv and there was 2 videos.I liked the 2 one the most because it showed different planets and different stars at night and it was at night because it showed stars and it was in Melbourne because it showed the buildings.

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