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  1. Yesterday 21st August the blurbs came to Golden Square P.S and performed for us.

    The start was really funny because someone was dressed as Darth Vader and then other people dressed up as star wars came out and battled. After that the person dressed up as Luke asked Darth Vader to read him a story. And it was about being different. Then more people came out and did a song about being different.

    After that the song was crazy about you and they got contest winners to sing on the stage. My favourite one was Blake’s. Two people from the blurbs to dress up in Carlton and Geelong clothes.

    Next they got Mr.Fiske to dress-up in a pig onesie and perform. The song was Wolfe. It was about a wolf who is always the bad guy. It was a little bit sad. But then he tried to eat his friends.

    Next was the penguin dance when we stood up and did a little dance. Someone dressed up as a penguin. The penguin said “have you ever seen a penguin dance” Then he said “take a look at me and a penguin you’ll see”.

    After that we listened to the coat. It’s about a scarecrow that has a magical coat on it. And then a boy comes along and takes the coat and flies all the way to the big smoke. Then he performs in a café and makes everyone cry, dance, laugh and have fun. After that he leaves and flies all the way back to his home.

    Then we saw WDE which is an acronym song. It was cool because this kid does a lot of stuff that makes it her worst day ever. Like she forgot her lunch and she missed the bus so she had to walk.

    The last song was my favourite it was called Lightning jack. There is a little dance that goes with it. And so we all stood up and danced along and had a good time. The dance is sort of a wild west dance.

  2. The blurbs
    On the 21st of august the blurbs came to Golden Square Primary School in the hall my favourite part was when Darth Vader jumped out of the canteen and jumped all over Mr Fiske it was so funny.
    : Lightning jack song:
    Thunder thunder thunder down the mountain side little bit of trotting little bit of gangman style thunder thunder thunder down the mountain track a daring horse a midnight horse a called lightning jack. and they sung lots of songs.

    WDE-worst day ever
    Lightning jack-a boy with an imagination
    Crazy about you-being different

    They were awesome I wish they could come again.

  3. The Blurbs
    Yesterday 21st of August at Golden Square P.S, We had an incursion. It was called The Blurbs. It was soooooooo funny!
    The start was kind of scary cause darth Vader jumped out of the canteen and started attacking Mr Fiske!
    A few of my favourite songs they sung was ‘WDE’ and ‘Lightning Jack’ and ‘crazy about you’.
    But my ultimate favourite was ‘3 little pigs- Wolfie song’ because Mr Fiske had to put on a pig onesie (not fair!) and he had to do ballet! 🙂
    We did a penguin dance and some more dances. It was weird…… But fun!
    Lightning Jack Song:
    Look to the left, look to the right, jump to your feet, clap 3 times.
    Thunder, thunder, thunder down the mountain side, a little bit of trotting and a bit of gangnam style. Thunder, thunder, thunder down the mountain track, a daring horse a midnight horse a horse called Lightning Jack. Hopefully the Blurbs can come back soon!

  4. The Blurbs August 21st
    Yesterday we went to the golden square hall and one of the blurbs and l we whach lightning jack and the three little pigs and the Penguin dance and wde and the coat and star wars. My favourite song was Lightning Jack and my funniest part was when Mr Fiske was a little pig. When we got in the hall and when Mr Fiske was at the back of the hall and Darth Vader was in the canteen and he jumped out on Mr Fiske and then the other people attacked star wars and one of the kids found out that was his dad and he read a book to him and then they sang a song. It was fun it was existing. We went there because it was book week. It was really cool when I dance and I love to dance to Lightning jack and when I dance every day I’m shuffling was on and other song where on. The wolf was cringe because he really wanted to be nice to the three little pigs. And a kid went up and he had to be a girl and he had to throw a show at him.

  5. The Blurbs
    Yesterday the 21st of August the Blurbs came to our school for book week. They performed a few songs.
    The songs they performed were:
    Lightning Jack – My Favourite.
    Crazy about You- Not a Fan of.
    Wolfie- Really sad.
    WDE- It had minecraft in it.
    The Coat- Was a performance
    Penguin Dance- I couldn’t dance to because I had pins and needles.

    At the start it was really scary because Darth Vader jumped out of the canteen and was attacking Mr Fiske it was really scary.
    In the song Wolfie Mr Fiske had to wear a pig onesie and he pointed at the wrong time. Wolfie had really freaky hands.
    Darth Vader’s helmet fell of and he said “That was embarrassing” and it was really funny.
    This is a bit of the lyrics from Lighting Jack

    “Look to the left, look to the right, jump to your feet, clap 3 times. Thunder, thunder, thunder down the moutin track a little bit of trying, a little bit of gangnam style. Thunder, thunder, thunder down the moutin side a daring horse and midnight horse a horse called lightning Jack. “
    Lightning Jack is my favourite!!
    My second favourite is WDE (Worst Day Ever)
    This is the order of my favourite songs:

    A. Lightning Jack
    B. WDE
    C. Crazy About You
    D. Penguin Dance
    E. The Coat
    F. Wolfie
    That was the order of my favourite songs.
    At the blurbs concert smoke came out and it came in my mouth and it did not taste to flash.
    We did some dancing too. The songs that we danced to were: Lightning Jack and I can’t remember the other songs.

    The last dance (performance) was the Wizard of Oz and Nick was Dorothy and if they said “Dorothy” we would need to say “Yah” and if she said “yellow brick road” we would need to say “Follow the yellow brick road 2x) and if she said “Stumbled” we would need to say “whoa” and it was really funny.
    Then at the very end we had a…….. DANCE OFF!! They did parody, so like “I like to move it, move it, I like to MOVE IT!!” They would say “I like to read it, read it, I like to read it, read it, I like to READ IT”. The reason they said “Read It” is because it was for Book Week (The Best Week Ever)
    At the end a beach ball came out and I nearly touched it.

  6. • The blurbs
    The coolest part was when Darth Vader jumped on Mr Fiske and we did the lighting jack dance and what the wde –worst day ever dance

  7. The Blurbs
    Incursion at Golden Square Primary School on the 21st August. At the start Darth Vader jumped all over Mr Fiske walked to the front when the Jedi’s started to fight and then Darth Vader was looking for is son all through the galaxy to find his son.

  8. The Blurbs

    Yesterday 21/08/2013 the blurbs came to our hall for their concert. The first thing they did was Darth Vader climbed through the hall canteen, he was fake. Then there was a duel between good v evil. Then Luke came around and then Darth Vader said “Luke, I’m your father” “Really” replied Luke “Can you read me a book” “ok” Then the song Crazy about you came on. I didn`t really like that song but our school was lucky they even came to our school. Then they went to the 3 little pigs, little red and The bad Wolf AKA Wolfy. It wasn`t a song it was a performance. It had little red riding hood liking Wolfy. :O. After that they went to the penguin planet. We done the Penguin Dance and there was a performance. Next they went to The Coat. There was a man that found a coat on a scarecrow and they go places (the coat is real) Then they went to the Acronym world and the Acronym song came on WDE or Worst day ever

  9. The Blurbs 21/08/2013
    On Wednesday we went to the hall to see the blurbs perform. The First thing they did was: Darth Vader climbed through the canteen in to the hall when he came though the canteen to the hall. Mr Fiske was near the couch then when Darth Vader came through he tackled Mr Fiske. Then he got off Mr Fiske and started walking down the middle. Then he got at the top of the stage and 1 boy and 2 girls were dressed up as the boy Luke Skywalker I can’t

  10. then he started talking after that some Jedi came and attacked him following that Darth Vader said to Luke I’m your father then his was like read me a book next they did a dance It started playing I’m crazy about you later they did the 3 little pigs after they did the ice planet next The coat later WDE acronym song Mining Diamonds punching zombies cooking some chicken The Blurbs
    On the 21st of august the blurbs came the first thing that happened that Darth Vader came and tackled Mr Fiske that one was my favourite song after that it was lighting jack then it was then it was the one where Nicholas came and he had a ruby shoe so did the performers then they did a dance and then it ended soon EVERYBODY was dancing rated it 8/10 it was really good My 3 favourite ones were WDE , Lightning jack and I’m crazy about you because it had Geelong and Carlton they are my two favourite teams my least favourite one was ice planet my second least favourite one was the 3 little pigs my third least favourite was the coat that one was about a guy who finds a coat then wears it the coat talks they go to an appointment then they go to a café the man eats food that he has never eaten before then the man says how are we going to play for this the coat say we don’t we perform then they perform and the people say more then they leave. Lightning jack was about a boy imagining that he had a magic horse

  11. Yesterday the Blurbs came to our school they song songs like lightning Jack, the penguin dance, WDE, little pig, crazy about you, the coat, Darth Vader. My favourite part was when Darth Vader jumped out of the canteen and jumped all over Mr Fiske I think that Mr Fiske got a fright. Then Darth Vader went up to the stage and had a fight with the other people. And they had a life saver it was funny because at the end of the battle Darth said to the boy your my son and the boy said can you read me a book please and that was the end of that part. Then they sang a song called WDE it stands for worst day ever it is an Acronym thing there was more like SSC scoff some weet bix and lots more it was so funny. There was one about the wizard of oz. Nick Monty had to dress up as Dorothy he saw Ned Kelly and showed him how to shuffle and we had to say words like follow the yellow brick road and yay and that is all.

  12. The blurbs
    Yesterday The blurbs came to Golden square primary school and poem in the Jimi the sagos.
    Lightning jack
    The Three Little pigs and little red riding hoed
    Darth Vader
    Crazy about you
    Penguin Dance
    The coat.

  13. Yesterday the blurbs came to Golden Square Primary School. We went to the hall to see the Blurbs. The Blurbs sang the song and it was called WDE, little pig, the coat, the penguin dance, crazy about you and the last song was Lightning Jack. In little pig Mr Fiske was dressed up as a pig he got some moves wrong and he laughed at himself. He didn’t mind that he got it wrong or when the crowd laughed at him. My favourite song was WDE and Lightning Jack. Darth Vader scared me and all the kids too. At the last song we were singing. It was lot of funning because Nick M was dressed up as a Dorothy. Nick M had to dress up as a girl and it was so funning. Nick M skipped along and he saw Dart Vader and Dart Vader showed Nick M how to dance .Then Nick M can dance. At last we all got to dance. It was fun.

  14. The Blurbs
    Yesterday we watched the Blurbs they came to Golden Square Primary School. The songs that they sang was Lightning Jack, little pig, Penguin dance, crazy about you and WDE. The part that I liked was lightning Jack. Mr Fisk had to go up with them he was a pink pig. We went to watch them in the hall the hole school was there to watch it. Darth Vander jumped on to Mr Fisk he was wearing black. When Mr Fisk kept on mucking things up but he was laughing a little bit. Darth Vader scared me a lot and lots of other people the way he jumped in the last song lots of people started dancing Nick was dressing up as Dorothy it was really funny as soon as we got in there it was sparkling a little bit.

  15. The blurbs 21st of august

    Yesterday we went in to the golden square hall and my favourite was star wars when darth vader jumped on to mr Fiske . I think the funniest part was when Mr Fiske dressed up as a little piggie. The other songs were lightning jack, antarctia,crazy about you,penguin dance,the coat and WDE. it was so hilarious when we had to do the chicken dance. And it was really fun when we got to hit the massive ball, and it went everywhere but I only got to hit it once because it was not coming to me because everybody hit it up so they could hit it again and we also dancing a lot.

  16. The Blurbs
    Yesterday we had incursion to the hall to go see stuff like star wars.
    The first thing what we seen was the star wars a man came out of the canteen and then Dark Vader from star wars. He jumped down from the roller door and came out of the canteen Dark Vader and went up to the stage, and then we listened to a song that is called crazy about you. Because dark Vader is Luke’s dad, and said to dark Vader to read him to read me a story. The next thing the little pig and Mr Fiske had to dress up as a little pig and he had to do a dance with the people who came to Golden Square to do the blurbs with us. The next thing was the coat and that was an act people for doing the coat and I liked watching them do it because I liked the book the coat, and then they did a song. The next thing after that they did lightning jack and everyone started to dance to the song and they did the dance to it and they did it two times and then we did the WDE Acronym Song and I LOVE that song It was so good and I love it so much and then we did this Penguin dance and I like doing that it was cool and it was awesome every one dance to it and it was ok I danced to it and other people dance to it too. The next thing we watched was lightning jack and that was AWESOME!!!!!

  17. August 21st
    Yesterday Golden Square went to the hall to wait for the Blurbs to come out. They sung lightning Jack, wolf songs a penguin song. They done some dances like penguin dances and the coat, little pigs wolf dances. At the end they sung crazy about you darth vader and more we all danced to all of the songs. Then we went back to the class room and went home.

  18. Yesterday we had the Blurbs the 21 of August. On the start Darth Vader jumped over Mr Fiske from the canteen then he walked up onto the stage and everyone shouted. Next people said “it’s okay Golden Square we will save you”. Or something like that the next act was the song crazy about you the people sang together when they were playing instruments the next one was the three little piggy’s Mr Fiske was one of the piggy’s he did the wrong move. But he giggled then everyone the laughed. The next act was the Acronym song I liked the part when it went “WDE worst day ever” that was cool. The next one was the Lightning jack thing I didn’t really like that one because the song was a little bit weird …The next one last but not least the wizard of oz thing Nick dressed up as a girl. He’s really funny even better at talking like a girl! Also when we danced alot at the end.

    I really thought the blurbs were a good organization it was really fun when we could dance at the end.

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