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  1. BAD cheer LUCK
    Let me give you an idea of what thoughts were running through my head at this point. I WAS COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT! I was performing at worlds 2013 cheerleading competition.

    It’s almost time for me to go up in my extended elevator!!! Ok I’m going up 1, 2, down, UP! That word made me sick.

    I got up and fell from my elevator, I think I have broken my leg! While other girls complete the routine I limp off stage. I am bawling my eyes out.

    The girls run off stage and come straight to me. “Are you alright?” asked my BFF Paige. “Yes but I have hurt my leg I think it’s broken” “Melissa! Are you ok?” asked Coach Serra.

    “Yes I have just hurt my leg”. “Ok then we better call your mum what’s her phone number?” “049645810” “Oh hello Kelly, Melissa has hurt her leg Ok we will meet you at the hospital, Ok bye”. So off they went to the hospital, Melissa was scared. “We have some good news and some bad news, the good news is we can fix your leg, the bad news is you can’t cheer for 6 weeks”. “NOOOOOOO” screamed Melissa. Melissa cried and cried. She was so upset! But time flew and she forgot about her leg and was cheering again in no time!

    THE END!

  2. Dare Devil Tricks
    This was a situation that required immediate action. Alex wanted to jump off the Grand Canyon without a parachute only a glider suit on. He jumped off the Grand Canyon and started to glide down when he got close to landing on the ground he started to slow down to land. When he landed he broke his leg it was another hour until he got medical treatment.
    After two months Alex was out of the wheelchair and doing dare devil tricks with his family by his side everyday he did dare devil tricks.
    Three years later a dare devil trick forced Alex to retire doing dare devil tricks and went home and play with his kids and his wife Kate but Alex still has his entire trophy’s in the cabinet and had a great life being retired.

  3. Baa Baa Black sheep.
    Baa Baa black sheep was very upset. Today he had only two bags of wool and was left with a difficult decision.
    Baa baa black sheep promise his friends. They got in to a big fight about the wool and there is supposed to be 3 bags of wool and the colour is black and then they settled down and they thought about the things they did and then they shared the wool with them and they had the same amount of wool. They had a good day. They got the wool out of and they knit it into a blacked and some pillow and they had a good day and they had a panicked if Baa baa and they had apples and a drink of coca the end.

  4. My cat is a docter
    Oh no my car and my son call 911 what is your problem I crashed my car oh god we are cumming as fast as we can call the cat doter

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