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Last week the Grade 4’s went on school camp to Sovereign Hill. They participated in the School Costume program and dressed up as children from the 1850s. So what was it like going to school in the 1850s kids?


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  1. School Camp 2013!
    Last Wednesday on the 29th of May the grade 4’s of G.S.P.S departed the school to go to Soverein Hill in Ballarat.
    It was very funny to be a part of the outside/inside museum. The part I didn’t like was the clothes we had to wear!  It was like 5,000 layers and I was still cold! They were ugly as well. I wore a red frilly floral dress with a white apron, a cape and pants to put under my dress. I was the only one that did not go down ONE mine! That’s because I freak out when I go down mines! The food was reasonable I guess! The first nights food was better than the second night. The first night we had rice with chicken on a drumstick, vegies and bread but second night we had meat with gravy and vegies (the meat was the disgusting part!). The blood on the Southern Cross show was Scary, loud and AWESOME!!!!! It was split into four parts, a movie, a sound and light mini show in the diggings, we took a train type thing to a little play with no people just effects and sounds and a little speech from ‘Peter Laylor’. it was quite amazing that show! The school program was fun! I was in St Alipius and our teacher was Ma’am I was lucky to get her because ragged school got Sir and apparently Sir can get very cranky sometimes! In the school I was a toy monitor I got to take all the toys outside for recess. The people in my cabin were, Ella, Lola, Graycen, Alyssa, Bwe Say htoo, Maggie and Lily.
    That was probably the best school camp ever!!!

  2. Wednesday 29 of May.

    On last week Wednesday we went to camp and on the way we watched a movie on the bus and it was Mr Bean’s holiday, and when we got there, we had to get all of our bags out of the bus.
    Then we had to put our bags on things thing outside where we had to sleep and then the teacher said the groups for us to go shopping and we got to go to the cold panning and I find no gold, because it was really hard to cold pan but some in my group got some gold I did not get any and then, I went to the waterloo shop and I got this umbrella thing and then we went to this other shop and I got this walking stick and I really like the walking stick, then we seen the blood on the southern cross and it was a little bit scary because it was at night and we got to go on this car thing and that was really fun and a bit scary bit we all had fun when and then we had to go back to where we had to go back where we were sleeping and we had to get all of our stuff and then when we knew what one we were in we had to get all of our stuff out!!!

  3. On the 20th of May grade 4s went to Golden square primary school and got on a bus and went all the way to Sovereign hill for camp. When we got there we got into our cabins and I was in cabin 7 with 9 other girls. We got settled into our cabins and we made a lot of friends. After all of that we had lunch. Next we got to go gold panning and shopping. I got a lot of little things instead of a couple of big things. A lot of people got a cane but I didn’t. After a while we had dinner. For dinner we had chicken and vegetables. After that we went to a real life story it was called the blood on the southern cross. It was cool and creepy because go different places for different parts of the story. It was made for the eureka stockade. It was a good story except for all the people that died. After that we went to a little building near the cabins and had supper. Supper was hot milo and biscuits. When we got back to the cabins we had to quickly change into our pjs and had a little time to talk to the people in our cabins. The teachers came down the corridor because my cabin was talking after we had to stop and I as the first to fall asleep because I was tired. The next day we had to get up early for breakfast and the time we had to be there was 7:15 in the morning. When we had breakfast we got to choose out of different cereal and after we had at least one bowl of cereal we got to have toast and hot milo. Then we went back to the cabins we changed into our stockings and other stuff and we went to get our dresses if we were a girl and the dresses were really annoying. We went to different schools I went to st.Alipius the rich school and the ragged school was the poor school. I thought it cool but a kid nearly got the cane. After the schools had finish we got change into our normal clothes. We went through the same thing the next day. After the schools finished the next day we put our stuff on the bus and went back to golden square and after that kids went home. I think this was the best camp ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. On grade 4 camp we went on a 2 story bus me and graycen sat on the bus together to ballart we watched Mr bean. When we got to sovren hill we had lunch then we split up in to groups I was in ms gardinars group. in ms gardiners group was cooper spencer bwa say james maggiy and me. we slept in a hotal the hotal was called military hotel I was in a room with bwa say graycen maggiy ella lola ella and alica. on the first day on camp we went on a big shopping sire. At diner we went to the new York bakery. But my faverret parte is the schools because we got to get dressed up in clothes that was cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.

  5. Grade 4 camp
    Last week I was on the grade 4 camp at Sovereign Hill. We went shopping there. We stayed at the northern military barracks. I shared a room with Maggie, Ella F, Lily, Lola, Greycwny Alyssa and Ella a. We had dinner at the New York bakery. The next days we go and eat are dinners then we go back to pot on are white socks and black shoes. Then we go to see sir and mam. The poor children go with sir and the children who is not poor go with mam. We have to dress up in olden day kids. I was in poor school. Sir takes us to look around to tell us where the toilet and to get a drink is. Then we go back to are school to go in said to do woke when we finish we go to Recess to play. When we finish are Recess we go in said and sit down on are chair and sir talk. Then soon we go and eat are Lunch. When we finish are lunch sir said in one minutes you have to come back. I go to gold mining to see people have gold mining then in one minutes I go back to the school then sir let us in said the school. Then In three minutes we have to go so say bye to sir. Then we come back to Bendigo we watch Mr Ben. I Set next to Ella f. when we got back my mum pick me up. I like camp.

  6. Wednesday 29 May.
    We stayed at the northern Military Barracks. At Sovereign Hill we saw a trooper. When we were going down to the gold panning it was cool to find gold at the creek we used the cradle and the pan at the bottom of the cradle were the hole at the end of the cradle were the water and gold comes out. After the gold panning we went shopping with our money we had to spend on staff at the shops. At night we had dinner at the New York Bakery dinner was alright it had beans, carrots, rice and chicken wings. After dinner we went to the Blood On The Southern Cross there were three places we had to go to watch it the theatre then the gold panning gold place and the outdoor theatre. After Blood On The Southern Cross we went back the military barracks and went back to our rooms then after about 15 minutes we went to have a hot chocolate and butter shortbread biscuits.
    Thursday 28 May.
    At 7:15 we had breakfast at the café we had cereal and toast for breakfast then went back to the Military Barracks. At 8:45 am we went to the ragged school and getting on the clothes the boys wore a neck a chief, knicker bottoms, coat, apron and a long sleeve shirts. The first trade I learnt was gardening on the first day. After school we went on the mine tours the first mine we went down was the mine that at the end we watched a video and the second mine we went down was the red hill mine to walk down and watch a video about the welcome was found.
    Friday 29 May.
    We went to the café for breakfast we ate cereal and toast for breakfast. After breakfast we went to the school to get dressed then we went for a walk to the smelting gold pour and then went to look at the st.Alpiuls school. After school we went on the bus and watched Johnny English

  7. Grade 4 Camp
    At Sovereign Hill the Golden Square grade 4s a trooper pointed his magnum at us. It was coooooooooool
    We watched mr bean on he bus. Me, cooper thomas looked out window. tom said we sleep
    in the military barracks with my roommates brent Brodie spencer. then we played mine craft with rocks and wood we watched the gold get smelted.
    Cooper was holding gold worth $140,000.I went to school. I went to the ragged school. I had fun.

  8. On May the 29th 2013 8am I get on a bus to took a long time it seemed that it took 3 hours to get to camp. When we got to Sovereign Hill we got off the bus we went some rooms that were getting cleaned because a school had just finished in the rooms so we went to have a snack. After we had some snacks we got in groups and then in our groups we spilt around Sovereign Hill first my group went gold panning then shopping and then went to see Troopers fire their guns at tea time we went to the new York bakery the food was really nice. After tea we went to see the blood on the southern cross then we went to supper. after supper we went to bed. When I woke up I got ready for 1850s school. There was the St Alipius and the ragged school. I was in the ragged school and the ragged was for poor people. When we found our teachers we walked to part of school to put our costumes on we went to see some old cottage’s then we went to school after 10 minutes has past I’m still at school it’s time for recess. I had a lot of fun

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