Reading Eggs With P/1K

On Friday we showed P/1K how to log in and use Reading Eggs.  Was it hard to show them how to use the website or were they already pretty good?  Did you have a good time helping them?  Did you need to change the way you spoke to them so they could understand?  Remember when you type what it was like, dont use surnames.


3 thoughts on “Reading Eggs With P/1K

  1. on a day we did reading eggs with the preps an the ones! We had to help the preps and the ones on that day, and we had to watch them so if they need helped the preps and the ones, too! it was good to help the preps and the ones do what Mr Fry said with the preps and the ones so the can, get better to read too! With the preps and the ones I think that they had fun to wiht reading eggs too! I had a good time with the preps and the ones on the day! and it was really really awesome that day! The girl that I got was really really good she got up to level 35 and she was really good!

  2. on a day i dont know what day it was we taught the ones and preps reading eggs in mr frys grade. Reading eggs is a program where you teach kid to spell and read so it is mainlly its a program to read and spell for fun. So what we did with the kids were mr fry gave us a partner to work with he tryed to make girls with girls and boys with boys so its more even. So next we went into reading eggs and signed in with their password and usaname. we read then what they do and they mainly do it if they get stuck we can help them a little bit, So its like a fun program to teach kids to read and spell for fun. First they did a test to test what level they were we did one 3+ because the other one was way to hard for them it was 7+.

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