12 thoughts on “Golden Square PS Fair

  1. Friday afternoon was our school fair there was a Talent show, Spinning wheel, spinning chairs, Ferest wheel and much more! I came with my mum, step dad, sisters and my friend Bree. We raised alot of money I cant even remeber how much but I no theres ALOT! There was alot of yummy food and theres even some left overs! YES! That was about our school fair!

  2. On Friday I went to the school fair.It was awsome!!!!!!.I went on camel ride and it was cool as.I went on the red one.

  3. On the very first March we had our school fair it was really fun with the games and man it was super cool.
    First we got our showbags and I got girls only and stinky and gross and Cooper got Pirats and berty beatle and Ethan got spooky and smarties. The first ride we went on was the spinning chairs and second I watched Coper and mum go on the camels and then dad said that Me and Ethan to go on the fairesl wheel and I felt like I was gonna puke BTW that means vomit.

  4. On the 1st of march was our school fair. I had a shift from 6pm to 6:30. So did caden. My grade done the coke coin toss. After 6:30 I went to the showbag area to get my stinky and gross showbag and my nerds showbag. In the stinky and gross showbag there was one packet of two straws that go`s KABOOM!

  5. On friday the school fair was on.There was a talent show,coke coin toss and more.I was in the talent show and singing in the choir.

  6. On friday 1st of march I went to the school fair. I went in the talent show and on the chair swing.I wanted to go on the camels but I had to go home.The coke coin toss was realy hard because I coulden’t get it on a can! one upside was the talent show!

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