Hello Grade 3/4 F

Welcome to our classroom for 2013.  We will use this class blog to share some of our work with the world. Remember when making comments to check your spelling.  Please don’t include any surnames when writing about yourself or others.

Mr Freer

7 thoughts on “Hello Grade 3/4 F

  1. Hello 3/4 F
    We are grade 5E from Mildura Primary School and our teacher is Mrs. Elliott. We hope that you are having a great year and learning lots. What are you most looking forward to in 2013?
    When we were in grade 3 and 4 we liked to read books by Roald Dahl. Our favourite was ‘The Twits’ because it’s really funny.
    From your friends in 5E

  2. Hi Grade 5E,
    Thanks for the message.
    We are looking forward to Camp, sports and learning new things.
    Are you going on camp this year, if so, where are you going?
    Do you have a class blog?
    From Grade 3/4F

  3. The ingrediants were to make Pancakes…..
    1 cup of milk
    Self raisng flower
    and 1 egg.
    hope you injoyed 😀 Ps its the 40 before Easter.

  4. Yesterday julie and bridget came to our classroom and told us about aboriginal’s.they also showed us photos of spears animals they eat and about 29 dogs.

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